Dr. Laura Harrison Joins Growth Mentor to Help People Understand Stress

Unlearning toxic thought patterns & relearning new healthy ones over the past year has been both grueling & extremely rewarding.

I’m lucky to have had Dr. Laura Harrison by my side.

Not only was Laura understanding as a colleague when I had severe symptoms, she also sought to understand where I was coming from & was determined to share her vast knowledge.

While I approached our conversations from a background of experiencing burnout & encountering a rough start of my own healing journey, her background in social affective neuroscience helped me really understand what was going on in the brain while my therapist & I worked through real-life examples.

Laura gave me the vocabulary & awareness I needed to make healing a priority so that I could go from surviving to thriving. She’s helped me understand stress & the control it can take on our brain, body & more. And how our ability to perceive stress is adaptable within our internal environment.

Stress + Rest = Growth

Laura brings a key to understanding the foundations of growth.

That’s why I’m thrilled that this Mental Health Awareness Month, Dr. Laura Harrison has joined Growth Mentor to share her knowledge with those focused on growth – both personally & company-wide.

Schedule a time with Laura to learn more about what’s holding you back on your journey.

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