Life Abroad

We left our full-time jobs in the summer of 2018. It all started when we discussed moving to Europe in the summer of 2017 and really went down like this…

Dani: “Hey, Max, want to quit our jobs and move to Europe?”
Max: “Sure, why not?”

From that conversation we began mentally preparing and lining up our work for life abroad. We shed most of our belongings, spent time with family and friends at home, and set out on our adventure abroad in the beginning of 2019.

Our itinerary:


  • September – November: Dana Point, California
  • November – January 2019: Baltimore, Maryland


  • January: Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • January – April: Glyfada, Greece
  • April – July: Split/Stari Grad, Croatia
  • July – Aug:
    • Berlin, Germany
    • Denver, Colorado
    • Toronto (tentative)
  • September:
    • Baltimore, Maryland
    • Boston, Massachusetts
    • New York City
    • South America

Here, I’ll share our lessons learned, information we wish we had access to prior, and general updates from the countries we visit. Below you’ll find a compilation of my latest posts about our experience.

Life Abroad Updates