Federal Hill CorePower Yoga


I had just finished my yoga teacher training with i Heart Yoga in Dana Point when I moved back to my hometown, Baltimore, for the winter.

If you’ve ever done an extensive training with the same group of people, you may relate to the sense of withdrawal I felt as I moved across the country, leaving my community of yogis behind.

As I began a search for a new home-based studio, one of my best friends raved about how much she loved the Federal Hill CorePower studio. I thought “okay, I’ll give it a shot.

Only a 5 block, 7 minute walk from my house, I found CorePower, nestled next to the MedStar Health office.

I won’t lie, the first time I went to the studio, I had a hard time finding it. You have to walk up the parking lot to access, which is information I had not known. I walked around the building in the rain twice before the security guard escorted me to the studio.

Luckily for my cold and wet self, I spent the next hour in a hot room where I flowed through a new yet familiar sequence. The teacher was well-trained and articulate.

I immediately felt at home at this studio. All of the instructors with diverse backgrounds were open to chatting with me after class. We discussed intentions, transitions, sequences, progress, and feedback. I found my people.

Over the next two months, I started a 7am ritual that had me out of bed, walking through the cold, and sweating on my mat at CorePower every Monday through Friday. During this time I was able to quit coffee and feel the best version of myself, with the support of helpful teachers.

My practice grew, I met new friends, and gained new ideas for my own teaching. This studio will always hold a special place in my heart.

Want a studio that offers hot classes, warm hearts, and new challenges? You found it.

About the Owner

CorePower is a chain of over 200 yoga studios nationwide. Their mission is to show the world the incredible life-changing things that happen when you root an intensely physical workout in the mindfulness of yoga.

While each location has different classes, you can expect warm and hot temperatures combined with more advanced vinyasa sequences.

If you’re learning the basics of yoga, you can be successful with CorePower, but I recommend going to the most basic classes first before progressing. Talk to your teachers and ask questions about anything that isn’t clear.


  • Diverse teachers all with different styles of teaching
  • A full schedule for classes between 6am-9pm
  • Hot and humid classes help you sweat everything out
  • Well-trained teachers that push you in your practice
  • Welcoming community and themed events
  • New students get a free week of unlimited classes


  • On the expensive side $139/month for unlimited or $25/class
  • Hard to find the entrance, but this review should help you with that
  • Not much diversity in types of classes available (all vinyasa or sculpt)

Try it yourself!

Location: 1420 Key Highway Suite 201, Baltimore, MD
Website: corepoweryoga.com
Schedule: corepoweryoga.com/schedule
Instagram: @corepoweryoga
Facebook: CorePowerYogaFederalHill