Sun & Sea Yoga


Angel Montague is the owner of Sun & Sea Yoga, a fun and inviting practice on Huntington Beach.

While Angel now also teaches studio classes for both adults and kids, my favorite way to practice with Angel is at her beach yoga classes as the sun sets.

I was introduced to Angel’s Sun & Sea Yoga classes through New Girls in OC, a group that scheduled events throughout the region for women new to the area. I’ve since learned the New Girls in OC group is now inactive.

I attended a Tuesday evening class with Angel within my first few weeks in California. The class included live music and the most magical hands on adjustments I can remember.

Then, halfway into our class, we paused to admire the dolphins swimming past. The warm wind blew in our hair, and we listened to waves crash between the captivating sound bath.

WOW! Out of all of the yoga classes I’ve taken in my life, few have been as memorable as the experience Angel created.

Angel’s words, thoughts, and the surrounding environment teach how to balance, stabilize, strengthen and stretch with the forces you can’t control.

While Angel remains a teacher, she is quick to get to know you and become a fast friend. In fact, Angel was one of the biggest influences on me pursuing my own yoga teacher training and a path dedicated to finding my best self.

So, whether you’re visiting Orange County, California and want a beautiful yoga practice to enhance your experience, or you’re local to the area and want to find an impactful spiritual leader to practice with on a regular basis, you just found it.

About the Owner

Angel is a certified yoga instructor, certified Reiki Master, educator for special needs students and a mother of two vibrant boys. Her yoga sessions benefit all levels of students, encompassing different postures from the hot series, vinyasa and yin.

Her genuine passion to teach and her fascination with the interconnectedness we all share shines through as she aims to inspire others to discover and reveal their inner truth.

Angel began her own yoga journey in 2010 and completed her  teacher training in 2013. She received her 300 hour certification with Core Power Yoga.

Then, she furthered her education with a certification in Children’s Yoga from Smiling Monkeys Yoga, and a Yin Yoga certification from Ra Yoga.


  • Outdoors in nature (beautiful sunsets, occasional dolphins)
  • Donation based (I recommend $10)
  • Heavy on intentions and looking inward
  • Creative series (i.e 7 week Chakra exploration)
  • Open and friendly community
  • Private lessons possible


  • May get cancelled during inclement weather (very unusual)
  • Sand is not entirely flat, wrists and ankles will get extra challenge
  • Only offered once a week during warm months

Try it yourself!

Location: 18th Street Lifeguard Tower, Huntington Beach, California
Instagram: @sunandseayoga
Facebook: Yogangel9

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