Sustainable Startups

If business, government, and anyone on the face of this earth doesn’t understand that sustainability matters, we’re kidding ourselves that this will end up well.

In America, we have tech and politics twitter feeds bleeding into one another more every day with a recent example being the POTUS backing out of the Paris Agreement. Something I couldn’t ignore was the list of businesses, investors, and entire states are stepping up and committing to the Paris Agreement ( when the president decided to step out.

More now than ever, I see sustainability and climate change on the radar for companies and entire industries that have recruited amazing talent and can help solve issues of climate change. Now, will the appeal of being involved just get flashy or will companies start making some substantial contributions and changing the way their businesses are operating?

Today, product founders and marketers are on the move to find the most efficient way to get you to use and buy their products, and if they’re doing it right, provide you with some sort of value.

Through my work at GrowthHackers, I stumble across a lot of companies and some are doing some really awesome things to run and grow sustainable businesses. Not only companies that are using efficient teams and processes to sustainably grow their companies with minimal marketing budget (and reduced waste), but also ones that are aiming to solve significant problems that have developed from decades of unsustainable consumption habits.

With a passion for sustainability, I want to use this blog to help highlight the companies and products making moves in the right direction. I hope you find my compilation helpful as you navigate your choices going forward.

Sustainable Startups

Make housing more energy efficient

Make solar more accessible
Aurora Solar

Reduce food waste
Imperfect Produce

Reuse waste products
Rise Products

Crowdfunding for projects addressing global challenges

Invest in companies addressing global challenges
Swell Investing

Make locally grown food available
Farm Fresh To You (California)
Get $15 off your first box with code DANI4743
Lettuce (Austin, Texas)

I will continue to add new companies to this list as time and would love for you to comment any that I miss.

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