The Physical Effects of Grief on the Body & Mind

This is an excerpt from an article written on Eterneva.

My grandmother was 97 and our family knew she was nearing the end of her life. She lived a full and relatively healthy life. However, that didn’t mean there was an easy way to say goodbye to someone that’s been with me since day one.

I sat by her side as she cried to me in pain, begging to die. She was in pain and suffering and I sensed it would be my last time to hold, see, and talk to her.

When she passed a few days later, I felt a sense of relief. She was no longer suffering. Although I started crying when I got the call, there was a lightness that took over as if I was being lifted out of my own body.

Then, after a couple of days, physical manifestations of grief set in.

I remember the months after my grandmother passed clearly, as they were marked with physical sensations I had never experienced before in my life.

I walked around feeling like I was carrying 20 extra pounds in my body. My stomach was in knots, my breath was shortened, my appetite vanished, and it felt like I was navigating life in a fog. My concentration vanished, I could feel my body drooping, and my mental health suffered.

When my grandmother left this earth, so did a piece of me. I knew her death was coming, yet there was nothing that could prepare me for the physical effects of grief.

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