Helping leaders build resiliency & manage burnout.


Hi! I'm Dani Hart.

I help leaders build resiliency in order to sustain growth psychologically, physically and ecologically. 

As my personality is high in openness (the seeker), I like to work on a variety of projects and I've set up my work to reflect my core values. Since this was not an easy process to figure out (i.e. navigating burnout & pandemic while making this change), I now help others do the same.

I'm a growth coach, board advisor and mentor ambassador at Growth Mentor, where we're building a community of kind leaders focused on sustainable growth (both personally & for companies). I also preserve land and educate the public on U.S. history and why it matters as a Digital Strategist for the American Battlefield Trust. I write for Eterneva, where I openly discuss my experience with grief and meaningful ways to celebrate the lives of remarkable loved ones. And I might also be on a farm, learning how to sustainably grow veggies, herbs and livestock, or dipping myself into some ice cold water, depending on when you catch me. 😉

I previously worked with Dr. Galen Buckwalter to develop personality assessments, including one built for team resilience during high stress and uncertainty. Prior to that, I led growth alongside Sean Ellis at GrowthHackers, helping hundreds of companies identify their North Star Metric and adopt a growth process to help grow customer value. I also produced the 2016 and 2017 GrowthHackers Conference, which was a blast!

I led marketing automation, email, direct mail, & other cross-functional teams at Payoff, a fintech company focused on helping people in USA pay off their high interest rate credit cards with personal loans. I started my career with online fundraising — testing new online strategies for international nonprofits like Defenders of Wildlife, Greenpeace, WWF, Save the Chimps & The Wilderness Society.

My favorite question is "what can I learn from this?"
& I love learning, meeting new people & helping people... relax.

Join me on Growth Mentor...

I'm always up for meeting new people and understanding how I can add value to new projects. I also mentor people through burnout, career shifts, adopting the growth mindset and more!