Hi! I'm Dani Hart.

A "Jill of many trades" finding ways to help people relax & build community.

I embrace discomfort & seek peace with friends amongst the chaos.

Whether it's running a marathon, dipping myself into ice cold river water, chopping firewood, swinging kettlebells or sweating in all out in the sauna, I look for ways to increase my tolerance to stress in order to make more impact for a better tomorrow.


I'm a Senior Digital Account Director at Newport ONE where I work alongside nonprofits California State Park Foundation, Yosemite Conservancy, and the American Battlefield Trust to make impact in California parks and preserve battlefields across the U.S. Getting out to a park is a great way to relax. 😉

As my personality is high in openness (the seeker), I like to work on a variety of projects and I've set up my work to reflect my core values. I've found sweet spots, growing through my grief while finding meaning and making impact.

Since this is never an easy process to figure out (i.e. navigating burnout, healing from chronic stress & pandemic), I now help others do the same as a Growth Mentor.

Volunteering on a local farm twice a week, I'm learning how to sustainably grow veggies, herbs and pasture-raised livestock. I also teach yoga at local farms and a brewery. Oh and I have a healthy obsession with collaborative playlists.


Working with Dr. Galen Buckwalter, I helped develop personality assessments, including one built for team resilience during high stress and uncertainty. Prior to that, I led growth alongside Sean Ellis at GrowthHackers, producing the 2016 and 2017 GrowthHackers Conference.

Earlier, I led cross-functional teams at Payoff (Happy Money), a fintech company focused on helping people in USA pay off their high interest rate credit cards with personal loans.

I started my career in online fundraising — testing new digital strategies for international nonprofits like Defenders of Wildlife, Greenpeace, WWF, Save the Chimps & The Wilderness Society.

In college (2011) I pulled an all-nighter writing a 16-page paper on "Death, Disability, and Disease"... the same night a bat decided to fly at my face while I was home alone and up to get coffee. Isn't that ironic?

Studying Marketing and Environmental Studies at Salisbury University helped shape my outlook on what's sustainable and hone skills to build community to make impact. Think global, act local.

That combined with my childhood spent watching marsh land (Belly Button Beach as named by my dad) in the Chesapeake Bay disappear throughout my childhood, I thought differently than most people around me and often times still do. I ask a lot of questions and often hear the feedback "That's a good question." 🙂 My questions bring value, and so do yours. Let's keep asking questions.


My favorite question is
"What can I learn from this?"
& I love learning, meeting new people & helping people... relax.


"Either it's time well spent or it's time I've wasted... Don't waste it."
Cage the Elephant

Join me on Growth Mentor...

I'm always up for meeting new people and understanding how I can add value to new projects. I also mentor people through burnout, career shifts, adopting the growth mindset and more!